Nancy Radzienta

Nancy Radzienta
Medical Claims Advocate

Nancy has been servicing the overall insurance industry for many decades with professional roles in several different areas of the business. She started as a clerical employee for a property/casualty insurer while attending college at night. This led to tasks in their legal department and progressed to a position as both a medical and indemnity examiner providing work comp benefits for small Illinois manufacturing companies. Nancy eventually accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant in an insurance home office working with branch office payroll, budgets, travel and loss runs.

Nancy has been in her position with Illinois Public Risk Fund for 12 years. It has been a very satisfying role since IPRF provides excellent programs/service to municipalities and most municipal employees have a terrific work ethic. She has established solid customer service skills for her clients and finds her job very rewarding. She has achieved audit scores of 100%, her decisions and work product are accurate, timely and well documented. It means a lot that she can still learn something new almost every day in the industry! IPRF supported her in her relocation to southern California three years ago and she now works remotely providing the same excellent client customer service. It has also provided her a new exposure and growing knowledge of California claims handling which is very different and challenging.

Nancy enjoys reading, gardening, landscaping and hiking. She loves cooking and spending time with friends/family. A new passion since moving to CA is yoga and meditation.

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