The Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF) is Illinois’ largest self-insured risk pool for workers compensation coverage.

IPRF was established in 1985 to provide a cost-effective alternative to escalating workers compensation premiums and related costs. Today, IPRF has proudly served countless governmental entities and public agencies throughout Illinois.

IPRF is an intergovernmental joint insurance pool providing for the defense and payment when due of all compensation and other benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Illinois Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act on behalf of its governmental entity and public agency members.

IPRF’S MISSION is to provide comprehensive and responsive risk management solutions while controlling costs through a unified loss prevention and claims management program that supports governmental entities and public agencies throughout Illinois.

Based upon a review from Demotech Inc. of the IPRF’s audited financial statements,
actuarial reports and related financial information and discussions, IPRF has
received the highest financial stability rating “AAA” Unsurpassed.

United States and Illinois Flags Flying Proudly

“Cost Control through Cooperation since 1985”


  • Deliver consistent, high-quality service and performance to our governmental entity and public agency members.
  • Help and educate the need for a cultural change within the organization relating to safety, incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility.
  • Enhance the personal and organizational accountability for health and safety throughout the organization.
  • Focus greater attention on the iteration of risk management with incident management at all levels including strategic, technical and planning responsibilities.
  • We believe all employees should be empowered to help stop unsafe work practices.
  • Utilize available technology wherever possible to produce higher levels of health and safety.
  • The IPRF grant program supports the implementation of safe practices and mandates.
  • Using IPRF Grant Funds, safety and loss prevention should be the primary focus when purchasing safety and educational equipment.

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