Despite your best efforts to create a safe work environment, accidents can still happen. It is critical to immediately report a work-related injury to IPRF, especially if an employee has lost time from work. Report your claim without delay. Do not wait to get additional information. Below are the reporting options available:

  • IPRF Telemedicine Services at (844) 789-2567 (For use by injured workers)
  • iCE online reporting: IPRF’s claims management system is the quickest and best method because the claim is assigned rapidly to a Claims Advocate who will be able to assist you with any necessary special medical care.
  • Contact by Email. If a claim isn’t reported directly into iCE, then the Member must complete the Employers First Report of Injury or Illness (Form 45) and submit it by mail to [email protected]
  • 24/7/365 toll free phone number (844) 522-6082.

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