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IPRF Grant Program Gives Back

IPRF’s Grant Program provides our governmental entity and public agency members with funding for safety inspired products that will assist in reducing injuries and/or illness.

Not sure what products will best meet your needs? To facilitate you in the IPRF Grant submission process, we have prepared a Grant Product Listing or your Loss Control consultant would be more than happy to work with you in selecting items that will have an immediate impact on your loss ratio.

IPRF Grant Application Process:

Please follow these three quick and easy steps to request your grant funds:

  1. Members assign a Grant Representative.
    (Members with multiple departments selecting grant products should require all department heads to submit their requested items to the Grant Representative who will complete one application for the entity.)
  2. Download the IPRF Grant Product Listing.  Members order the products and are able to use their preferred vendor or supplier.
  3. Complete the online grant application via the link below.

IPRF/Lexipol Grant Plus Program:

IPRF has partnered with industry leader, Lexipol, to bring our Members unprecedented savings and services.  IPRF members receive a 10% discount on Lexipol training products. In addition, IPRF will reimburse our members 25% up to their fixed grant amount. Members will also receive a complimentary 12-hour introductory Agency Assistance Plan ($1,800 value) and a 25% discount on selected professional services.

If you have any questions regarding the IPRF Grant Program or the IPRF/LEXIPOL Grant Plus Program, please contact:

Denise Zboncak
Grant Administrator
800-289-IPRF (4773)

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